09 02 2023

IDS 2023,诚邀您的到来

IDS 2023即将开幕,我们诚挚邀请行业内生产企业、分销企业、采购采购商及专业用户莅临参观、洽谈订单! 届时,我们的展位上会有各种牙科设备及耗材,包括但不限于牙科车针、牙科光固化机、牙科手机以及根管马达根测等,期待您的到来!

08 02 2023


2023华南国际口腔展即将开展,我们诚挚邀请您参加。 以下是展会的相关信息: 展会时间:2023年2月23-26日 地址:广东省广州市海珠区新港东路980号中国进出口商品交易会展馆C区 展位号:14.2 C16

28 03 2023

What is Dental Handpiece Turbine?

The dental handpiece turbine is one of the cruical parts in the dental handpiece and the power source of the air-turbine dental handpiece. In this article, the author would give a brief introduction of the dental air turbine, including definition, uses, and importance. What is Dental Handpiece Tu

17 03 2023

Endo Motor with Apex Locator

Endodontic treatment is a specialized branch of dentistry that deals with the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases affecting the tooth root, pulp, and surrounding tissues. The endomotor with apex locator is essential in this treatment. In this article, the author would issue the im

09 03 2023

Dental Handpiece Contra Angle

The dental handpiece contra angle is a crucial tool in modern dentistry, providing precision, control, and efficiency necessary to deliver high-quality care to patients. In this post, the author would discuss everything about the contra angle handpiece. Definition of Dental Handpiece Contra